A good IT support company is integral to the success of your business. They will ensure your IT services run smoothly and securely with minimal downtime. This means your employees can work efficiently and productively.

IT companies offer different levels of IT support. Some companies deliver a more basic break-fix IT support model, often as a pay-as-you-go contract. Whilst this may appear cheaper at the outset, it often leads to greater periods of downtime and hidden costs. It is a reactive approach which waits for something to break, to subsequently fix it.

Alternatively, IT companies can provide managed IT services. This is a more proactive approach which offers businesses complete peace of mind. Managed IT service providers look after all your IT needs whilst making your network as stable and reliable as possible. From remote and onsite support to proactive network management, you have the reassurance that your systems are well looked after. By proactively monitoring your systems, they can resolve issues before they become a problem, improving performance and reducing downtime.

What a good IT support company offers you

PCR Connected is a leading IT support company in London and the South East. As part of our managed services, we proactively monitor and manage the networks of our customers. This delivers a range of benefits which are outlined below.

Keeping you connected

As part of our managed services, we work behind the scenes to provide 24/7 proactive monitoring and management. We monitor your servers so that we can identify and resolve any issues before they become a problem. This helps to improve performance and reduce downtime.

Supporting you when you need help

We provide unlimited remote support via telephone and email, as well as on-site support where required. If you have a problem, a member of our dedicated team on our IT helpdesk is on hand to help. Whether you are struggling to send an email, are unable to print or require changes to your network configuration, our Microsoft-accredited engineers will work quickly and efficiently to resolve your issue.

Supplying and managing your IT systems

We work with you to deliver the best hardware and software for your business requirements, ensuring it works well with the rest of your network. We manage every part of your IT infrastructure, from supply and installation to daily management. Where desired, we can also recommend newer technologies to maximize your business potential.

Managing your patch updates

Up-to-date software and hardware is less prone to failure, more resistant to cyber-attack and more efficient. As part of our managed IT services, we look after your patch updates. This not only introduces new features but protects your network from viruses and malware.

Improving your IT security

With the rise in remote working, stricter regulation and more sophisticated cyber threats, protecting your systems has never been more important. At PCR, we adopt a holistic and layered approach to IT security to give you maximum protection. We look after your patch updates, maintain your firewall and ensure you have effective virus and ransomware protection. We aim to strike the right balance between security and usability.

PCR Connected is certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme. We can also help guide you through the Cyber Essentials certification process.

Protecting your data

Your data is a core part of your business. Protecting this data from loss or theft, whether hardware failure, human error, natural disaster or security breach, is paramount.

We work with you to identify the most appropriate backup and disaster recovery solution for your business. We consider the size of your data files, backup frequency, ease of data recovery and cost implications. You can benefit from the peace of mind that your data is safe, secure, and retrievable whenever they require.

Acting as your IT Director

We work with you as your Technology Partner to provide strategic advice and consultancy to improve the performance and reliability of your systems.

If you’re looking for a good IT support company, PCR Connected is the perfect choice. We’ve been supply, installing and managing IT systems for our clients in the South East for over 25 years. To find out more about our services, watch our short video or simply get in touch.



The role of a good IT support company