Invu is an easy to use document management software, which turns paper into digital files, creating a paperless office.

Maintaining your company files using electronic document management software can potentially save your company a substantial amount of time and money.

Designed for single or multiple users, INVU document management works with your existing Microsoft and other business applications, allowing you to scan, route and securely store documents for vast improvements in efficiency and customer service.

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Key Features of Invu Document Management:

  • Store information in any format – in one centralised electronic system
  • Search and retrieve documents
  • View and share documents in single or multipage format
  • Configure security to allow users and groups to different levels of access
  • Dramatically increase customer query response times by having the information at your fingertips
  • Access files from off-site anywhere in the world
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by creating water tight audit trails and adhere to GDPR

Frequently Asked Questions

Invu is a customisable document management platform that stores and indexes most types of document. Aiming to reduce the reliance and collection of paper documentation, Invu lets you import and scan documents so they can be processed securely and audited accurately.

Invu Documentation Management benefits business with their privacy and GDPR goals. It helps reduce storage costs and gives control of all documentation. This secure filing system gives you instant access to information, no matter where you are in the world.

Without paper documentation it is easier to process documentation according to regulations. Invu is used for quicker filing, clearer retention policies and improved audit trails.

Invu Documentation Management is suitable for single and multiple users, across a range of industries. It is also compatible with Microsoft and other business applications so businesses can keep their current software packages.