Reduce your stationery, postage and admin costs with spindle document distribution.

Spindle is a document management software which sends documents electronically, rather than by post. It then archives them electronically – saving you significant administrative time. It is a flexible and customisable solution which integrates with many leading finance and CRM applications, such as Pegasus Opera 3 and Dynamics 365 (and many more).

The latest version of Spindle now includes PDF digital signatures, multi-tray collation to replicate multi part documents and a built in HTML editor to make creating professional email messages and attachments much easier.

Spindle works with many Windows application, including Pegasus Opera 3, Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV (Navision) and GP (Great Plains), Sage 50, Sage Line 100, Sage 200, Access Accounts, SAP Business One and almost any application that will print such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access or Crystal Reports.

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Key Features of Spindle Document Management:

  • Batch document distribution:

    Send batch invoices or other documents by email, print, fax or to archive depending on customer preference.

  • Branded document templates:

    WAutomatically apply a branded template to enhance your corporate identity and add promotional messages. Advertising messages can be tailored specifically to customer groups within your accounting system.

  • Send any type of business communication:

    Attach and send any document type, such as invoices, statements, remittance advices to any contact type, internally or externally.

  • Archive for future retrieval:

    By electronically storing your documents you can have access to them instantly. Documents can be stored in multiple locations, retrievable by any number of users.

  • Personalise correspondence:

    Personalise customer communications (printed or emailed) using real-time data extracted from ERP database.

  • Add extra attachments:

    such as related invoices with statements, delivery instructions, terms & conditions of purchase, promotional offers, newsletters etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spindle Document Distribution is a type of document management software that sends and archives documents electronically. The software includes PDF signatures, an HTML editor and replicates multi-part documents. Sending documents securely through Spindle Document Distribution eliminates the need for courier or postage services.

Spindle Document Distribution integrates well with many of the most popular applications and accounting software. This includes Pegasus Opera 3 and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The benefits of Spindle Document Distribution are that the software significantly reduces the amount of physical storage and administrative tasks such as going to the post office. Documents can be sent and stored securely and electronically so the actual paperwork can be safely disposed of. Documents can be sent at any time of day or night, and to anywhere in the world.

Spindle Document Distribution reduces paper use by eliminating the need to produce copies of documents. Similarly, with no need to post the documents, the users can save money on postage and envelopes.