Communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere with TeamsLink.

Microsoft Teams is the future of integrated communication. TeamsLink is the fully cloud-based solution that connects into Microsoft Teams to allow you to make external voice calls securely and efficiently.

There is no need for onsite infrastructure, so you can just make the switch and start calling from within Teams. If your business is already using Microsoft 365, TeamsLink will integrate with your current licenses, making it a really smooth transition.

As a flexible and scalable cloud solution, it allows you to make and receive UK, international and mobile calls, even with non-Teams contacts. It also gives you the ability to hold online meetings, share files and collaborate on documents in real time. With TeamsLink, you can save money on your calls with cost-effective calling bundles and even set auto attendant messages and hold music.

Save money on your calls by moving to TeamsLink today.

Microsoft teams teamslink

Benefits of TeamsLink

  • Cost savings on calls
  • Simple to set-up
  • Optimise bandwidth and voice quality
  • Fully scalable
  • Integrates with your existing phone system
  • UK-based technical support
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • 20+ years porting and carrier experience

Key Features

  • TeamsLink Management Portal
  • Microsoft certified hardware
  • Simple, per user pricing
  • Unlimited UK minutes
  • Numbers available in 27 countries
  • Location-based routing
  • Monitoring tools for call traffic
  • MiFID II Compliant Call Recording

TeamsLink and PowerBI Reporting

With pre-built templates, you can report on internal and external call data and activity within TeamsLink. This includes user call summaries, queue calls, outbound calls and usage per user.

Frequently Asked Questions

TeamsLink is a cloud-based solution that allows external voice calls using Microsoft Teams. Using TeamsLink you can make local, international and mobile calls with non-Teams contacts.

TeamsLink is a flexible solution that can grow with your company needs. It is integrated with Microsoft 365 and helps save costs on phone systems. Some of the features of TeamsLink include adding messages and hold music as well as being able to collaborate on documents in real time.

TeamsLink uses Microsoft certified hardware and the PCR Connected team ensure the bandwidth and voice quality are optimised for the best performance.

You are able to keep your current numbers when you transition your phone system over to TeamsLink. Please feel free to call us if you have any more questions we have not answered here.