Up-to-date software and hardware is less prone to failure, more resistant to cyber-attack and can increase productivity. Software updates not only introduce new features but help protect your computing environment from viruses and malware. Up-to-date software and hardware is less prone to failure, more resistant to cyberattacks and can improve productivity. Staying on top of patch updates not only introduces new features but protects your computing environment from viruses and malware.

Patch updates

Patches are pieces of software that update either operating systems or individual software programs. They are designed to add new features, remove outdated features, update drivers, deliver bug fixes and most importantly, fix security holes. The longer you wait to install these patch updates, the greater the risk of targeted malware attacks. This is because cybercriminals exploit the identified vulnerabilities to breach your data. Whilst software update notifications may seem like a nuisance, they are a key preventative measure for your network security. Therefore, next time a message appears, rather than hitting ‘remind later’, consider the ‘install now’ button.

Firmware updates

Firmware is a type of software that is embedded into hardware. Updates to firmware not only introduce new features, they deliver essential security improvements and fixes. As highlighted by leading firewall and router provider, Draytek, your router is the gateway and gatekeeper to your network. Consequently, it is often the primary target for attack. Draytek recently published a security whitepaper on Router Operation Best Practice which reinforced the importance of maintaining router firmware up to date. Similarly, routers undergo continuous development and respond to new threats which are constantly evolving. Given the importance of your router, updating its firmware is recommended good practice in helping to secure your IT network.

PCR managed update service

To offer you complete peace of mind, PCR now provides a managed update service. As part of this service, we make regular visits on site to update all your software, hardware and patch updates. This is particularly important when updating your firmware as it requires hardware programming. We manage the entire process to allow you to focus on your core business and to ensure minimal disruption to your network and business continuity. For more information on this service, please get in touch.